04 Dec, 2019

Directed the movie “The Ultimate Simulation -Simulate Black Hole with Fugaku-”

Directed “The Ultimate Simulation -Simulate Black Hole with Fugaku-“(English subtitled).

The Monthly JICFuS focuses on a researcher using a supercomputer. Mr Yuichiro Sekiguchi (Faculty of Science, Toho University) appears in this edition. Mr Sekiguchi is involved in research into the creation of black holes in supercomputers. Until now, calculations have been carried out using the K computer and other supercomputers, but at present the computer’s performance is insufficient and it has only been possible to create black holes under limited conditions. However, Mr Sekiguchi believes that the promising new supercomputer Fugaku will make this possible, and preparations are being made for this.

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Location: Toho University

Music “Daylight” by Ayumi Yoshioka

Monthly JICFuS” is a web magazine published by JICFuS (Joint Institute for Computational Fundamental Science), a research organisation jointly established by the University of Tsukuba’s Research Centre for Computational Science, the High Energy Accelerator Research Organisation and the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan.

月刊JICFuS」ムービー「究極のシミュレーションを目指して -ブラックホール を「富岳」で作る-」を演出・制作しました。月刊JICFuSはスーパーコンピュータを用いた研究者の姿に迫るムービーシリーズです。