26 Feb, 2024

Directed science movie “Supporting Quantum Computers through Simulation”

We have produced a video featuring quantum computers, which are a hot topic these days. Featured in the film is Dr Tomonori Shirakawa of RIKEN, who is developing and researching simulations for quantum computers. Dr Shirakawa is using the supercomputer Fugaku to develop simulations to verify whether quantum computers are working correctly.

What is surprising here is that people working on quantum computers refer to ‘Fugaku’ as a ‘classical computer’. I couldn’t help but feel a sense of the impermanence of the world when even the fastest supercomputer in Japan becomes ‘classical’ rather than super in front of the quantum computer.

This time, I also had the opportunity to film RIKEN’s quantum computer “A”, which has just started operation in 2023. The temperature inside the cylinder-shaped enclosure is kept at absolute zero, and the compressor noise to maintain the temperature inside the computer room was constantly echoing. We have filmed many supercomputers in the past, but the quantum computer was different from conventional computers in terms of its appearance, internal structure and calculation principles.

In this film, we hope you can see some of the differences between quantum computers and conventional computers, what the principles of quantum computer computation are and what they can do. Please have a look if you like.

[movie credits]
Navigator: Tomonori Shirakawa, RIKEN R-CCS
Thanks to: RIKEN & RIKEN Center for Computational Science

Camera by Yuichi Minamiguchi & Motoki Kato
Music by Ayumi Yoshioka “Under Construction”
Directed by Yuichi Minamiguchi





ナビゲーター:白川知功(理化学研究所 計算科学研究センター〈R-CCS〉)
音楽:「Under Construction」吉岡亜由美