26 Oct, 2023

Movie of “YUKAWA MASAKI exhibition 2023”

A video of the exhibition Masaki Yukawa held at the Gallery Kobayashi in Ginza, Tokyo, in August 2023, is now available on Youtube. In this video, he talks about how he came to incorporate elements such as dots and lines into his recent work, which he has been working on for 30 years, the process of creating each piece, and his memories of Jan Dibbets, who trained him at the Art Academy in Germany.

Masaki Yukawa is an artist from Wakayama, Japan, who had been living and working in Wuppertal, Germany for a long time. Since 2010 he has been based in Japan and is currently based in Osaka. This year marks ten years since I began producing and showing footage of Yukawa’s annual exhibitions at the Gallery Kobayashi. The videos of Mr Yukawa’s exhibitions can be viewed at here.

[Exhibition Info]

date: 2023. 8.21 MON – 8.26 SAT


[Movie Info]

Music: “Slumping structure” by Ayumi Yoshioka

Directed by Yuichi Minamiguchi





会期:2023 年8月21日(月)― 8月26日(土)



音楽:吉岡亜由美「Slumping structure」



18 Jul, 2023

Live Performance of “Stain”

A video of the live performance on 3 July 2023 is now available. On that day, we performed live music play and visual performances of the song “Stain”.

“Stain” is a performance inspired by the painting technique of staining. Staining is a technique found in colour field paintings that flourished around 1960, and the works created using the staining technique are sometimes cool, and bring an organic sense of depth and floating to the canvas. In creating the visuals for this performance, I focused on the work of Helen Frankenthaler and Maurice Lewis, two artists whose colour field paintings I was particularly drawn to, and asked myself whether I could express them in a visual way.

[Event Info]

date: 3 July 3023

event: Code / Art / VJ Vol. 1

venue: Cafe Bar LIVRE

[Live Info]

Music: “Stain” by Ayumi Yoshioka

Visual: Yuichi Minamiguchi





日付:2023 年7月3日(月)

イベント名:Code / Art / VJ Vol. 1

会場:Cafe Bar LIVRE(明大前)





01 Mar, 2023

Directed science movie “Locus of JICFuS”

The JICFuS (Joint Institute for Computational Fundamental Science) Movie introduces how physicists in the fields of particle, nuclear, space and planetary physics are using supercomputers to conduct simulation research. This time, as the culmination of the film, Dr Shoji Hashimoto, Director of the JICFuS, spoke about the relationship between physics and simulation.

This time we were also allowed to enter the inside of Japan’s largest accelerator, KEKB Ring, and had the opportunity to film the inside of the accelerator and its observation equipment. Both the accelerator and the measurement equipment were of an extraordinary scale. It is also one of the best ways to watch footages of supercomputers around Japan, including the latest supercomputer ‘Fugaku’. Please enjoy it.

[movie credits]
Navigator: Shoji Hashimoto, Director of JICFuS
Thanks to: KEK, Center for Planetary Science & RIKEN Center for Computational Science

Camera by Yuichi Minamiguchi & Motoki Kato
Music by Ayumi Yoshioka “Velodrome”
Directed by Yuichi Minamiguchi




Animation work “Little Match Girl” displayed in Museum of Modern Art Saitama

The animation work “Little Match Girl” by contemporary artist Yuichi Higashionna, which was produced by our studio, was exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, Saitama. The exhibition was entitled “Yuichi Higashionna x Man Ray/Kissling/ Masaaki Yamada/Designer’s Chair” and featured Higashionna’s work alongside Man Ray’s photographs and Kisling’s paintings.

“Little Match Girl” is a device that creates a space filled with the sound and images of a spinning table set by playing five different arrangements based on an animation of a spinning table set created by Higashionna and played simultaneously on five different monitors. The device creates a space filled with the sounds and images of the spinning table set by playing them simultaneously on five different monitors.

This work was originally created for the exhibition “Storymakers in Contemporary Japanese Art” at the Japan Foundation in Sydney in the summer of 2022, but fortunately we were given the opportunity to exhibit it in Japan, and it will be shown at the Kyoto City University of Arts in July 2022. From October 2022 to January 2023, it was exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, Saitama.

At the exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, Saitama, we were able to film and record the exhibition scenery with the cooperation of the museum staff. Please enjoy the dazzling table animation and the exhibition room together.

[Exhibition Info]

Exhibition: “Passport to Shangri-La

date: 22 Oct 2022 – 29 Jan 2023

venue: The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama

[Animation work Info]

Title: “Little Match Girl”

Animation: Yuichi Higashionna

Sound design: Ayumi Yoshioka

Editing: Yuichi Minamiguchi

当スタジオにて制作とサウンドデザインをさせていただいた現代美術家の東恩納裕一さんのアニメーション作品 “Little Match Girl” が埼玉県立近代美術館にて展示されました。美術館の一室に「東恩納裕一×マン・レイ/キスリング/山田正亮/デ ザイナーズ・チェア」という題目で、東恩納さんの作品をマン・レイの写真作品やキスリングの絵画と併せて展示するという趣旨の展覧会でした。

“Little Match Girl” は、東恩納さんが制作したテーブルセットがぐるぐる回るアニメーションをベースにし、そのベースに5つの異なるアレンジを施し、5台の異なるモニターで同時に再生をかけることでぐるぐる回るテーブルセットの音と映像に満たされた空間を作り上げるという装置です。

もともとこの作品はシドニーのジャパン・ファウンデーションで2022年の夏に開催された展覧会 “STORYMAKERS IN CONTEMPORARY JAPANESE ART” 展に出品するために制作された作品でしたが、幸いなことに日本でも展示する機会に恵まれ、2022年の7月には京都市立芸術大学ギャラリー@kcuaで展示され、2022年の10月から2023年1月にかけては埼玉県立近代美術館で展示する機会を得ました。







“Little Match Girl”




26 Dec, 2022

Directed the movie “Mars Atmosphere Simulation with Fugaku”

We produced a movie “Mars Atmosphere Simulation with Fugaku” which introducing the research of Dr Hiromoto Kashimura (Kobe University | Planetary Science Research Centre), who is conducting weather simulations on Mars using the supercomputer Fugaku

Recently, we have more opportunities to see various images and videos of Mars by the rover sent by NASA, and this film clarifies the intensity of the Martian weather and the harshness of the terrain through concrete figures and simulations. 

This time, we also filmed inside the Fugaku computer room, which is not easy to enter. We hope you enjoy it.

[Movie Info]

Scientist: Hiroki Kashimura, Kobe University | Center for Planetary Science 

Thanks to:

Kobe University,

Center for Planetary Science,

RIKEN Center for Computational Science

Produced by JICFuS

Camera by Yuichi Minamiguchi & Motoki Kato

Music by Ayumi Yoshioka “Canyon”

Directed by Yuichi Minamiguchi

JICFuS (Joint Institute for Computational Fundamental Science) movies shows how physicists in the fields of particle, nuclear, space and planetary physics are using supercomputers to conduct simulation research.