29 Nov, 2018

Directed the movie “Supercritical Accretion onto a Neutron Star”

Directed a movie for Monthly JICFuS titled “Supercritical Accretion onto a Neutron Star” (English subtitled).

This time, we featured a researcher using a supercomputer. This time, Mr Hiroyuki Takahashi of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan appears. Mr Takahashi is investigating the true nature of stars in the Universe that shine extremely brightly in X-rays. This phenomenon, which shines extremely brightly in X-rays, is called ‘supercritical accretion’, and until now supercritical accretion was thought to be a phenomenon that occurs in black holes. However, Takahashi has shown in a simulation that supercritical accretion occurs not in a black hole but in a neutron star.

[Movie Info]

Location: National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

Music “Foaming” by Ayumi Yoshioka

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