05 Jun, 2021

Directed short film “Archives / Yuichi Higashionna”

The short film “Archives / Yuichi Higashionna”, which summarizes the production activities of Yuichi Higashionna, has been released!

[movie credits]

Artworks & Images: Yuichi Higashionna

Music “Circular Saw”: Ayumi Yoshioka

Movie Director: Yuichi Minamiguchi

[Bio of Yuichi Higashionna]

Yuichi Higashionna was Born in Tokyo in 1951. He has not only produced objects made up of fluorescent lights and paintings using spray paint, but has also worked on many large-scale installations that make up the space with those works. These spatial works are being developed not only in galleries and museums, but also in various store spaces such as Comme des Garçons or Cassina and so on.

現代美術家の東恩納裕一さんのこれまでの制作活動を集約したショートフィルム「Archives / Yuichi Higashionna」が公開されました。画像と映像撮影を東恩納裕一さん、音楽を吉岡亜由美さんが担当し、わたしは映像編集を担当しました。三人で作り上げた今回の映像は、東恩納さんの活動記録集でもあり、ムービーそのものが作品にもなっております。是非お楽しみください。



音楽:吉岡亜由美「Circular Saw」


[東恩納裕一 プロフィール]